Setting Up Restaurant Kitchen

Every chef knows that the key to running a good restaurant is having exceptional culinary skills. But not having the proper equipment can make things a lot more difficult. Imagine you’re hosting a grand event, your guests are early and ready to dine. As they begin to enter your dining their assigned to tables with plain dishes oppose to elegant Restaurant Dinnerware? As you know, that in itself has made a terrible statement.

Having the right equipment can make the food preparation process much more efficient. The following sections are going to go over some great restaurant supplies no chef should go without. No restaurant supply cabinet is complete without an 8 inch chef’s knife. The chef’s knife was originally intended to cut meant, but it can also be used to slice fruits and vegetables. Make sure to get a sharp knife, they are safer, more efficient and make cleaner cuts.


The kitchen scale is another great restaurant supply. Measuring cups have been used for many years, and they are relatively accurate, but it’s not always possible to get exact measurements from them. Scales are more accurate. This allows you to prepare food much more precisely every time. This will give dishes a much more consistent taste.

Some chefs will slice meat open and visually inspect it to determine if it is properly cooked. This method can work, but it is not completely accurate. If a mistake is made it could result in food poisoning. This is why a good meat thermometer is essential for any restaurant. You will be able to tell exactly when the meat is done cooking. This helps to prevent both undercooking and overcooking.


Many restaurants serve standard soft drinks, but adding a good juicer to your kitchen will allow you to make any combination of smoothies and vegetable juices, allowing you to serve drinks that are healthy and taste great. There are two main types of juicers, electric and hand crank. Electric juicers tend to be more expensive but they are able to extract juice much faster. Hand crank juicers are powered by hand, as the name implies. They are cheaper and not as difficult to clean. They are not able to juice as many types of fruits and vegetables as electric juicers.

Corn is used in many great recipes, however, the process of removing the corn from the cob can be tedious and time consuming. The one step corn kerneler allows you to simplify this task. It allows you to remove all of the corn from the cob in one step, saving time and energy.

Having the proper equipment allows food to be prepared faster and more accurately, so ensure that your kitchen is properly stocked.